Teen A.C.T.S.


  • To prepare for and organize retreats for high school age teenagers that promotes an encounter and a more personal experience with Jesus Christ and an encounter with one’s self with in a safe-environment, by means of several spiritual and faith based community activities proper of the Teen A.C.T.S. Youth Ministry, such as the proclamation of the Word of God, the formation of a Catholic Christian Community, reflection upon questions of faith and life experience in the light of the Gospel, and challenge the retreatants to a personal response to God who calls them to holiness. 
  • All ministry activities align with the values and teachings of the Catholic Church and take as its source the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Sacred Scripture, in a translation officially approved by the Catholic Church. 
  • Being that the human being is a unit made up of body and soul, called by God to happiness and to eternity, a person who truly lives such a retreat like this and experiences conversion, may also experience a change in many different areas of one’s own world, such as the social life, academics, family environment, the sentiments and affections, the psyche, etc., since man is one undivided unity. However, this array fruits in the life of the individual are not to take the specific goal and purpose of the retreat, i.e. conversion of one’s life and an intimate experience of friendship and love with the Lord Jesus. 
  • Prayer, in all its forms, is an essential aspect of the retreat experience, opening participants to the ongoing conversion and deepening of faith.  The main task in facilitating a retreat is to create a setting where young people can experience the grace of conversion.  It is the task of the ministry to create the environment wherein this conversion experience can be nurtured and developed in a faith filled Catholic Community.
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